Scrape Protector Universal Bumper Protection (8 Piece) - $74.99


Scrape Protector Universal Bumper Protection (8 Piece)

This 8 Piece Kit will cover most front lips or the front edge of your bumper. If you would like more coverage for your under-bumper area or rocker panels please refer to our larger Scrape Protector Packs.


Fits All Vehicles!

Scrape Protector is an extremely durable polyurethane product that is easily installable and nearly invisible. Our low thin molded design separates us from the rest. With the durable and thin design of Scrape Protector, malleability is key for installation. These easy-to-install skid plates make protecting your investment simple. Our products are made from extremely durable polyurethane that speaks for itself. These scrape protectors seem to be near indestructible.


What Makes Scrape Protector's the Best:   3 Reasons

Thickness & Flexibility, Proprietary Compounding, and Superior Adhesion.

Thickness & Flexibility: our competitor's products are almost 4mm thick which makes them more visible near bumper edges, while Scrape Protectors are less than 2mm think making Scrape Protectors less visible to detect from all angles. The reduced thickness and the proprietary compounding make them more flexible to curve up to 30% greater ensuring a better fit on all bumpers.

Compounding: The urethane compound is formulated with a much higher tensile strength, along with lower compression set so it will dampen and absorb more without scaring its surface.

Bumper Adhesion:  With the 3M VHB Double-sided tape combined with our adhesive promoter, super-strong adherence is guaranteed to ensure a long life attached to your bumper. Just clean, prep with the promoter, and apply. Simple.  

Scrape Protectors are trusted by the most exotic vehicles to protect their bumpers.


Please view our DIY Installation Instructions!

Installation is as simple as cleaning/priming the surface, peel the backing tape, and applying the Scrape Protectors.


All products of our come with a 5 year warranty! Feel comfortable buying from an American Company with no restocking fees! Our competitors charge 15-25% restocking fees while we charge none. Our lifetime warranty is valid as long as proper installation was

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